The board holds quarterly meetings, as well as having a number of meetings with the Foundation financial committee, grants committees and scientific council during the year.

Board of Trustees of the Crafoord Foundation


Ebba Fischer, Chairwoman

Ebba Fischer Chairwoman

Other members:

Leif Andersson

Leif Andersson Malmö

Ragnar Lindqvist

Ragnar LindqvistAttorney-at-law, Helsingborg

Måns Magnusson

Måns MagnussonProfessor, Lund

Lennart Nilsson

Lennart NilssonHonorary Doctor of Economicschief executive Crafoord Foundation, Lund

Margareta Nilsson

Margareta NilssonHonorary Doctor of Economics, Honorary Doctor of Medicine, LundChairwoman 1984 - 2007

Pär Omling

Pär OmlingProfessor, Lund

Solfrid Söderlind

Solfrid SöderlindProfessor, Lund

Johan Wall

Johan WallDirector, Stockholm

Lynn Åkesson

Lynn ÅkessonProfessor, Lund